House Cleanup Schedules You Should Follow

Everyone wants a clean house. Who doesn’t?  Sometimes we try to fit every nook and cranny in one go. Then we struggle to clean when everything becomes a mess again. There are categories you may want to follow to avoid cramming your house cleanup drive. And each item can easily be determined if they can…

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To Build or To Buy? That is the Question

If you’re planning on building your house, you always have to take into consideration the total area of the lot, the location, the materials for construction, the contractor and his workers and the house finishes as this sums up your construction cost. Also, take into consideration that the increase or decrease of the construction cost…

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Living and Staying: Baguio City

There is a saying that goes, “Where your treasure is, there your heart is also.” Being born and raised in a place gives a founded sense of “you belong”. It establishes your roots and somehow develops a love that when you go abroad, your heart stays. So this leads me to let you know a…

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Baguio Offers Investors New Profit Opportunities

BAGUIO CITY—Rains have pounded the summer capital again and, for a city that lives off rationed water, each unused drop could be money down the drain. Rainwater could become a commodity that might be sold to neighboring provinces in the future, if Baguio and like-minded towns in the Cordilleras were to spend on a network…

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