The Real Estate Reality: Closing the deal

  One of the challenges of real estate agents in the selling process of a property is closing the deal. During this stage, it is expected that one will be riding an emotional roller coaster ride while sitting at the edge of the seat. This will determine if you have really done the job, especially…

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Property Title Requisition Now Allowed at any Registry of Deeds Office

The Land Registration Authority (LRA) has just announced their new service called the A2A which stands for Anywhere-to-Anywhere. With the computerization of LRA’s systems and operations, clients may now request for Certified True Copies of Property Title/s, which are kept in and under the jurisdiction of any Computerized Registry located in other parts of the…

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Factors that can affect Property Value

Thinking of buying or selling a property? Before you do either, you should know what are the underlying factors that could affect property value. Knowing your market background is your basis on how you would go about selling or buying your property. Location   “Location, location, location.” You know how that goes. Your property’s location…

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Things to Check Before you Buying Lot

Buying lot or land sounds like it is easy but there are things you have to consider to make sure that when you start constructing a house, it would crumble in the long run. The characteristics of a lot depends on one’s reference. Sometimes, even the most impossible places to erect a house are possible…

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