It’s Already Too Late to Invest in Real Estate… Here’s Why

Never, today will never be the best time to invest in Real Estate. If we invested today, then we are already too late.

Why so? Because, the best time to put in the money for investment in real estate was ten, twelve or two decades ago. Just for instance, in 1990, the average price or zonal value of a lot in Baguio, specifically in Ciudad Grande in Bakakeng Norte, was only about ₱800.00 per square meter. Let us warp to 2017 and the price of a square foot skyrocketed to ₱15,000.00!

Unbelievably speaking, that is an appreciation in market value of 1775% in 27 years. Which is reasonable. Why? Because the increase of value of a land depends on the developments surrounding it. For example, for the course of time, roads were paved making land easily accessible to the city or if it is near a developing city or if it is in the city itself. And most likely, if a house is erected on it.

Now, let us put this under a brighter spotlight. You bought a land of 300 square meters in 1990. If the price per square in that year was ₱800.00, the total price of your land would have been ₱240,000.00. But by 2017, the market value of that land would have been ₱4,500,000.00. If you sold it, then you have ₱4,260,000.00 in profits. How much more if you sold the lot with a house? You could go over beyond the profits!

And that’s not yet taking into account the money you would have made in rentals, if you had your land rented for the past 27 years.

Am I way too late?

It is really a wrong decision that you were unable to start back then; too bad, indeed. But no, it’s not that bad either. And it was absolutely not your fault. In fact, those who only started investing in properties in 1990, were already too late also, when compared to those who started way, way earlier than them.

Those who have started investing in real estate earlier than the 90’s have already made bigger profits. The outlying question now is, SO, IN OUR SEASON NOW, WHEN IS THE REAL, LEGITIMATE TIME TO INVEST IN REAL ESTATE?

Hold your horses, will you? The good news is, today is absolutely the best time to invest in real estate. Essentially, the earlier you invest, the better.

That is our advantage in the Philippines, the country is continually developing. There is still a wide room for improvement and a great opportunity for progress. No doubt, if we are talking about big monies, real estate is the path to take.

This is the very good reason why everyone in the real estate industry is pumped and hyped right now. More and more opportunities are opening up to the people right here in the country, which means, income comes in easily. It results to more buying power and elevated standard of living. Besides, a home is a top basic priority. Real estate prices only go up in the years and decades to come.

Where do I begin?

Now, it becomes personal. You should ask yourself, “Am I ready for this investment?” If you have searched your soul and the nook and cranny of your bank account and you are really game for it then what you should do next is to talk with a real estate professional.

A licensed broker or developer is advisable. Kaizen Builders Incorporated is one developer you should seek assistance from if you will be investing in the industry. You can also invest in the company and our projects. We offer 30% returns on investments within the span of 6 months or depending on completed projects. Our agents will be assisting you with the purchase of your property and facilitate the transaction, especially with the paper works and coordination with the seller or client, whom you will be buying from or investing in. They will be your investing partner because you will need their advice for a sound judgment and confident decision when you invest in this field. Your broker or agent will also provide you with after-sales support because in most cases, concerns and questions might arise after the transaction and they will be able to lead you to an answer.

Ready to invest? Talk to us and we will guide you every step of the way.

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