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5 Ways To Make Your Home Interior Look Bigger


Living in a cozy house is not bad at all. But sometimes, your visitors may have a thought at the back of their mind how small the spaces in your house is. If you are living in a 72 square meter, you can make it wide by doing these simple hacks. So read along and learn a thing or two how you can make small spaces visually appear big.

  1. Make use of horizontal or diagonal elements

Just like clothings, the concept of lines applies to interior design. Vertical lines creates an illusion that makes a space look low however horizontal lines makes the space slim and high. Diagonal lines adds a sophisticated accent as well as stirs an illusion that your ceiling is high and your space is wide.

  1. Cove lights creates depth

Cove lights can can also create an illusion of height. People who live in small units might prefer having cove lights. The dimness helps relax and gives substantial light during night time. It’s one of the secrets most hotels use to claim relaxation and give a sense of depth in their rooms. Though having these kind of lighting depends on the personality of the occupant but in general it gives a different ambiance instantly and provides flexibility in the use of a space at any time and function.

  1. Organization paves way

One of the main reasons why your place may be cramped, is because of cluttered and scruffy space no matter how many storages you have. So the simplest way to put it: An untidy space makes it look and feel small but an organized space makes it look and feel big. You can address this issue by having overhead cabinets or secret cabinets under each step of your staircase or create a small office space instead of a cupboard. Or a closet under your bed.


  1. Small furnitures, definitely

Let us all admit that heavy and bulky furniture are difficult to move. It takes and wastes too much of the good space. If you are living in a studio unit, this type of furniture has no place in it. A collapsible dining table is another way to free up usable space. There are also small furniture that functions as a table, a chair and even storage. Flat TV screens are famous to have it hanged on your living room wall instead of the floor or mounted on the table which also takes up a lot of space.


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