Kaizen Celebrates with Retiring Firefighters

Sixteen firefighters of La Trinidad will now step out of service as the Bureau of Fire Protection – CAR, under the directorship of SSupt. Maria Sofia B. Mendoza, MPA, DSC, commemorates their hard work and labor as brave firefighters of the municipality in the Retirement Seminar and Retirement Honors 2017, held at the Calajo Restaurant last November 21, 2017. Kaizen Builders Incorporated exclusively took part to celebrate with them, with the leadership of its Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Cecille F. Apostol, also a guest of honor of the said event.

The Honorees:(Standing from L to R) SFO1 Paul P. Guingayan, SFO3 Dembert K. Arud, SFO4 Silvino D. Daskeo Jr., SFO2 Fernando D. Tinapay, SFO3 Roger B. Belisario, SFO2 Ignacio O. Centeno, SFO2 Nelson A. Favorito, SFO1 Albert P. Banoey, SFO4 Romualdo M. Mailed SFO4 Francis P. Ponce, SFO2 Benjamin T. Ket-eng (Sitting L to R) SSupt. Maria Sofia B. Mendoza, MPA, DSC, Dr. Cecille F. Apostol, CInsp Allan M. Eballar

The Retiring Honorees are SInsp. Mario C. Dela Cruz, Insp. Peter K. Bangao, Insp. Pascual T. Takayeng, Insp. Delfin G. Espanol, Insp. Patrick Coy-om, Insp Samson G Sumad-en, and SFO4 George B. Lang-ayan. The honorees received a wooden axe with a medal as a token for their service

The Retirees are Insp. Bernard S. Likigan, SFO4 Silvino D. Daskeo Jr., SFO4 Francis P. Ponce, SFO4 Romualdo M. Mailed, SFO4 Orlando D. Tangonan Jr., SFO3 Roger B. Belisario, SFO3 Richard D. Cael, SFO3 Cesar D. Bangcawayan, SFO3 Dembert K. Arud, SFO2 Fernando D. Tinapay, SFO2 Nelson A. Favorito, SFO2 Ignacio O. Centeno, SFO2 Benjamin T. Ket-eng, SFO1 Albert P. Banoey, SFO1 Paul P. Guingayan, SFO1 Ruben T. Wanawan. Each retiree received about thirty-thousand pesos for pension grant for the number of years of their service to the public.

Investing in Real Estate

Kaizen’s Dr. Cecille F. Apostol imparted practical money-working principles to the retirees in terms of investments that creates more assets than liability and how investing in real estate is an established and a legitimate venue for securing money and income. Dr. Apostol also invited investors to invest in Kaizen and take part in the completion of its projects. Investors who will invest in the Kaizen are assured of a twenty per cent return within three to six months per project.

Dr. Cecille F. Apostol inviting investors and retirees to invest with Kaizen Builders Incorporated.

Last 26th of May of the year 2016, a fire enraged Engineer’s Hill, Baguio City, leaving thirty people homeless. One house that was a victim of the fire was the Apostol’s Residence. Dr. Apostol thanked their team everyone in the bureau by gracing the event and lending quality time with the firefighters.



The Bureau of Fire Protection is committed to prevent and suppress destructive fires, investigate the causes of fire, enforce fire codes and laws related to the prevention of fire, and respond to man-made and natural disasters and other emergencies.

Kaizen Builders Incorporated has been building homes for more than twenty-three years for more than one thousand satisfied homeowners all around Baguio City. Some of the prime locations that Kaizen offers are located in Camp 7, Quezon Hill, and Bakakeng.  


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