Things to Check Before Moving into Your New Fully Furnished House

Is your house now complete? Then you should be excited to move in right away. But before you do so, you might want to go over a checklist of things to make sure that the transition runs smoothly. Moving into a new house is more than our tradition of bringing in rice and salt for prosperity. It is also being smart and doing practical things that is needed to be accomplished. Being organized helps lessen the hassle of thinking about things. Here are some items you might want to eye through before doing the move in.

1. Coordinate with your service providers

Before everything else, especially if you are running a business, it is important to notify your service providers such as internet, cable, water and electricity that you are moving to a new address. They can connect you to their service even before you move in. Having them updated ahead of time will lessen the stress than when you update them after you move in.

2. Keep boxes and everything in it organized

You should begin packing two or one week before moving in. Making use of boxes assigned for each area of the house. You definitely would not want to place your wife’s chinaware in the chemicals and cleaners’ box. The primary goal of having your items in boxes sealed, tagged and organized is to keep everything in place, in one piece and everyone safe when the day of transport arrives.

3. Know the game plan

When the day of transport arrives, you should know who are involved with the hauling and who are the members of the family assigned in the actual move in. If you have toddlers and pets, you may want to have them over at your friend’s or relative’s place until all transportation are done. You do not want to worry about your kids and furry pets running around while furniture and other items are being carried on and off the moving truck. At this point, you should also be double-checking every room from the previous house before you turn over the keys.

4. During the Travel

It is also important to have the floor plan of your new house with you so that you can plan ahead on how things will be placed and transported into the new house. By then, you may have already familiarized yourself with the new address of the house, the emergency exits, comfort rooms and where the fuse box and the water valve are located during your first visits to the house.

5. Dismount

If there is anything that may be stressful in moving in, it would be the dismount. You would still want to make sure that everything is still in one piece when you take them out of the boxes. Place boxes in rooms according to their tags. Orchestrate the flow of the dismount by having an eye out on what comes into the house, preferably having big items enter first like furniture then on to the smaller items.  

6. First night

It may be possible to have everything unpacked on the day of your move in. But practically, you would want to sleep and rest during your first night. You will need your first night essentials along with your important documents (especially the house and lot title), jewelries and gadgets. Your first night pack may include emergency kits, spare clothes, toiletries, medications (if needed), dining supplies (food, plates, and utensils) and pet essentials, if you decided to have your pets move in with you.

7. Rest and enjoy your new home

Once you have done everything, then it is the right time for you to rest and just let the new home feeling sink in, imagining the bright future ahead with your very own house. You just cannot wait to meet your new neighbors and welcome in positive vibrations into your new abode.


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