Pet-friendly Home Technologies

Do you have a pet at home? If you have then it is eager for you to know that the pet market is exploding with a new set of tech toys that can not only please the four-legged members of your family, but pack a lot of style. Here are top 10 pet technologies you might want to invest in for your beloved pets.

Avo Sustaining Fish Tank

Fusing function and style, this futuristic fish bowl is self-sustaining. No need to change the water, mess with the temperature or clean a filter: The bowl features integrated LEDs, a heater and a biological filter that work together to eliminate waste and promote plant life.

Pet Peek Fence Window

Dogs love to see what’s on the other side of a fence. No need for yours to dig a hole; you can install this clever acrylic dome window, made to accommodate your pet’s snout … and his curiosity.

HALO MINI Pet Collar

This super-bright, rechargeable LED collar carries the motto, “Be seen, be safe.” It flashes or stays solid, lighting up neon-style so you can walk your dog in darkness without worry. (It works for cats, too.)

Waggle App

Like a combo Fitbit, FourSquare and Facebook – for dogs – this app lets you log your activity with your canine, locate and check in at dog-friendly places, and connect to other Waggle users.

Dyson Groom Tool

Ever wish you could just vacuum the extra hair off your dog? This tool attaches to a Dyson vacuum and works like a brush … with a strong vacuum inside. It sucks away loose hairs at the source, before they become household tumbleweeds.


Why should you scoop cat litter when a robot could be doing it? After kitty exits this sci-fi-style dome, the dome rotates to automatically sift waste into a drawer. About once a week (for one cat), you can clear it by whisking away the bag underneath.

PetSafe Passport Electronic Pet Door

The trouble with pet flaps is that unwanted animals (raccoons, anyone?) can come inside. This smart pet door opens only when it detects a uniquely coded electronic key on your pet’s collar. Only furry family members may enter.


Whether you’re working late, stuck in traffic or away for a night, you can feed your pet … via smartphone. The Petnet feeder’s app lets you control portion sizes, feeding times and even how fast the food comes out, and gives you a calorie count so you can be sure your animal is getting what he needs.


If you worry about your furry buddy left at home then with PetCube, you should worry no more. PetCube has been made to have an eye at your pet wherever you may be. It also dispenses treat to make your pet realize that you are in touch even when they are home alone. This technology also allows your to talk and listen to your pets. It is a friendly home monitor for your pets, all in the power of your smartphone.

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